Walk around and enjoy the beauty of France

France is notable for its excellent vacationer urban areas and towns like the Parisian capital of light and the popular Versailles royal residence. Likewise, it has the Bordeaux city of wine, gentle and enchanting Lyon, Cannes – silver screen city, Nice with heaven shorelines et cetera. Those extraordinary things will unquestionably lure any guests around the globe when going to.

Tourism Myanmar and other attractive destinations can not be ignored ( Part 3)

Village Mingun - emotions are hard to forget!

Perhaps, Mingun village is not the famous tourist destinations of the country Myanmar. It is often associated with Inwa and Sagaing as sets of three ancient villages outside the capital Mandalay. However, on a visit to the village is located right on the River back to back no less emotionally difficult spelling the word. Affordable little something deep, was elated where static bar space, calmly but also very charming, charming?!

Tourism Myanmar and other attractive destinations can not be ignored ( Part 2)

Inhwa Village - a poetic destination, the oldest in Burma.

The trip to Burma will give visitors more experience, and the new country will be like a human race, especially when inhwa visits the village, where the small, lovely Ayeyarwady is lying by the river. It is not only a primary tourism famous in Burma, many tourists in the heart, this is heaven, friendly, hospitable, honest life, simple people here want to come back to see it again and again.

Tourism Myanmar and other attractive destinations can not be ignored

Tourism in Myanmar, also called Burma, Burma is considered sacred by the Buddhists with the Golden Temple, the monks in red robes and countless prominent monasteries. Not only that, Myanmar also makes visitors overwhelmed the natural beauty of the landscapes, people and the amorous architectural greatness. What's more amazing after days of work and study of fatigue, visit and explore in a new heaven?!

If you are planning a short trip for the coming holiday then choose Myanmar view?! Is certainly an experience not bad. Let travelgreat.info find out the notable attractions of Burma!

Niagara Falls, the majestic beauty

Niagara Falls is a waterfall of the Niagara River, is the largest and most powerful waterfalls in North America with the majestic beauty for less unbeatable. Niagara Falls consists of three separate waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls is located on the Canadian side, sometimes also known as the Canadian falls; the American falls is located between U.S - Canada border and a smaller waterfall which Cascades veils the bride. Though not high but the Niagara Horseshoe Falls higher: very wide range 53m, 790 m, while the broader U.s. 323m wide waterfall.
Niagara Falls is a waterfall in the river Niagra in North America, the natural border between the two countries the United States and Canada. The city on the banks of each country are named in Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfall in the world after the Victoria Falls in southern Africa. The city of Niagara Falls in New York State of the United States and the city of Niagara Falls in Ontario province of Canada.

Los Angeles, the city of movie stars

Los Angeles is the largest city in the American West, Los Angeles is the third largest city of the country. Comes to Los Angeles is said to the home of famous people, great weather and a perfect natural setting. Buy yourself a plane ticket to go to Los Angeles, you need to accumulate for yourself the experience below to journey to this city more enjoyable.
To Los Angeles, you can not ignore the capital cinema Hollywood-where more production 2/3 the number of films around the United States. Hollywood is located in the suburbs North of Los Angeles, where ancient villages is the goat. In 1887, a mansion was built and was named Hollywood. The weather here is pleasant, sunny days in the year of more than (about 300), have enough geographical landscape ravine, Plains, beaches, desert ... so very suitable for filming.

San Francisco travel and 5 precious experiences

San Francisco is one of the many Fine attractions and foreign guests to choose from. Is the most populous city, the 14th-ranked United States, San Francisco strong impression with visitors by beautiful scenery pleases people, exciting tourist activities, abundant cuisine along the massive architecture of humanity.